The Indian Strategic Forces Command (SFC) plans to form its own fighter force with nuclear strike capability, local media reported on Sunday. The SFC has submitted a proposal to the Indian Ministry of Defense for forming a nuclear strike fighter force, Press Trust of India reported, quoting an official of the Indian Ministry of Defense. According to the suggestion by the SFC, the nuclear strike fighter force will consist of two squadrons of 40 modern jet fighters, which should be capable to carry the missiles with the nuclear warheads, said the official. It will be the first time for the SFC to possess its own nuclear strike fighter force. At present, the SFC has to depend on the Indian Air Force for carrying out the nuclear tasks under its command, according to the official. The SFC said in its report the nuclear strike fighters should be reliable types, including those having received the battle tests. The Indian Strategic Forces Command, created in January, 2003, is a part of India's Nuclear Command Authority. It is responsible for the management and administration of the country's tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile.