Water level in Manchar Lake, situated near Dadu on the Right Bank Canal reached an alarmingly high level on Monday with more water pouring into the lake, posing a threat to Sehwan Airport and PARCO oil company. According to media reports, Water level in the biggest sweet water lake, located north of province, has reached a dangerous level, with two feet water capacity left in the lake as Manchar lake has a capacity of 121 feet. The water has exceeded 119 feet due to continuous increase. The rising water level in the lake is increasing pressure at the safety embankment; the iron sheets at Main Nara Valley Drain (MNVD) Zero Point have also washed away. The flood water has created four breaches in different areas at MNVD, which local residents and the army trying to close. The lake's overflow has inundated almost 40 villages. On the other hand, flood water is also posing threat to the safety embankment of Juhi city, the residents are trying to tighten the embankment on the basis of self help.