LAHORE - Inexperienced and raw handed butchers arriving from neighbouring cities pose serious challenge to professional butchers on Eidul Azha.

A survey shows the professional butchers are offering Rs3,500 to Rs5,000 for the goat, while Rs10,000 to Rs20,000 for slaughtering a bull. Getting a camel slaughtered would cost Rs 20,000 to Rs35,000.

The inexperienced butchers, most of them are from rural areas and adjoining areas of Lahore, are also demanding high despite lack of skills.

A local butcher at Faisal Town says the slaughtering of sacrificial animals is not a piece of cake and only the butchers who are in this profession as family business could lead the slaughtering fulfilling all of its elements. “The raw handed butchers from rural areas spoil the celebrations of Eid just to earn money. People are however very wise these days, they prefer to opt the professional butchers,” he added.

Mujtaba, a butcher said although he along with his team comes to this big city (Lahore) to earn money. When asked why not he opt this profession permanently he replied with a smile: “We are the seasonal butchers, and changes our professional time to time, the season of slaughter has arrived, so have we.”

Prices of fodder and grains for the sacrificial animal were also being sold on high prices. Meanwhile, the garlands to decorate the sacrificial animals also gained momentum as children show keen interest to decorate their sacrificial animals.

Prices of knives, wooden blocks also on rise and butchers cite the reason behind their high price for slaughtering the sacrificial animals.