Mahrukh Murtaza - Eid is family day full of happiness, blissfulness and joy. But it feels incomplete if a single person is missing from your family. Eid without father or mother or may be your brother, just the thinking of this lowers your esteem. But some of us actually go through it, when we miss some of our family members on such days. But the actual rough part is on the other end. The only person who is not with all the others, the only one spending special days of year, all alone. Yes, they are missing your more than you are missing them.

Police constables are deputed outside the mosques or some government official residences or are patrolling roads for the sake of our security. Do not forget they are family to someone. People are missing them and they are missing their families too. We should try to understand their feelings. They are missing this happiness while protecting ours. Moreover, there are private security guards who spend their Eid away from their dear ones. Don’t make them feel this void by ignoring them and not including them in your happiness. Wish them Eid, embrace them and do not ignore them. They are putting their lives on the stake for ours. Welcome them into your fold of happiness. This is the real meaning of celebrating Eid. Share the zests of Eid with them, share food with them and make them feel the importance they deserve.

Policemen and security guards are not the only ones who spend Eid days away from their families. Our soldiers are risking their lives every minute when are in the line of duty. They’re not just missing the flavours of Eid, but they might be missing the flavours of life. Deputed on the coldest mountains of Siachen or positioning over the line of control. They are not just away from their homes on this special day of year but they are away from most of the population. A thing we all are proud of is our armed forces. And it is their countless sacrifices that makes us feel nothing but proud of them. Remember them in your prayers. If you know any family whose son or husband or father is serving in armed forces, be even more courteous to them. You owe this to them.

There are many people everywhere in the world who will not be celebrating this Eid and may be many more with their loved ones. Some will be abroad on their official duties and some may be in the same country but out of station due to some reason. Help them and their families to enjoy this sacred occasion by sharing hugs, wishing Eid, inviting on Eid feasts or may be just by passing a smile. Your little effort can mean a lot to someone. Be more attentive to those who are away from home. It won’t hurt you but it will be pleasing for them. As sharing and caring for others, who are deprived of anything, is the real meaning of Eid. Celebrate this Eid with your love ones and those who are missing their loved ones.