Islamabad - The government will depute monitoring staff to find out ghost employers and trainees in the PM Internship Programme, it has been learnt reliably here.

The government has also paid two months stipend to internees against their four month dues, official sources told The Nation. The internees in the Prime Minister Youth Scheme have earlier complained that they have not received any monthly stipends since their hiring in March.

An official privy to the development said that for the delay of payment both sides have to be blamed. “Out of 50, 000 internees, around 25,000 were unable to fill their bank slips correctly,” the official said. “Eventually they have to refill the forms, which has delayed their payments,” the official maintained. The rest of the delay was caused by the management’s policies, the official added.

The federal government has launched the National Internship Programme 2016 in February this year. The aim of this programme is to provide practical skills and experience to educated unemployed youth. Under the drive 50,000 internees will be placed in different institutions/ departments for the period of one year under the prime minister youth scheme.

The allocation of interns was being made in accordance with the NFC Award and FPSC’s recruitment criteria for provincial/regional quotas for all three years. The selection of interns is on the basis of their domicile but can be placed in originations outside of their domicile region based on the demand profile and matching of applicant’s profile. The budget allocation for 2015-18 is Rs 7851 million. The internees will be given monthly stipend of Rs 12000 per month for one year.

Some internees also complained that they have been placed in irrelevant departments while others said that although they are in relevant organizations but there is no one who can guide them. “It is just waste of money and time as I didn’t learn anything during the past three months,” said an internee. “I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree. I have been placed for a job which can be easily performed by an internee with intermediate qualification,” he added. It was also learnt that some internees with computer engineering and MBA have been deputed for teaching jobs.

There were also complaints that some internees who are not coming for their jobs or double jobbers but have claimed their stipends, the official said. Similarly some internees have also complained that their employers are not training them in their relevant fields. The claimants are yet to be evaluated, the official added.

The monitoring teams have to find such trainees and also such ghost employers, he said.

For every district there will be one monitoring team and there training will be completed soon after Eid, the official said. 

All the employers were consulted before the trainees deputation and now they are responsible to train them in their respective fields, the official said.

Some trainees also don’t want to do hard work and have refused to be moved to far-flung areas. Very recently some trainees were sent by OGDCL, to their fields, located in South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but the internees refused to move, the official said. These trainees requested to change their company and move to an easier job. To discourage such people the government has banned moving from one institution to another one.