KASUR-A local PML-N MPA allegedly roughed up and abused a vendor here at cattle market after he refused to sell his goats according to the price offered by the lawmaker, The Nation has learnt.

According to the affected vendor namely Niamat, he has set up a camp in the cattle market on Kasur Bypass Road, where he puts on display 10 to 15 goats for sale. “On Sunday night, local PML-N MPA Naeem Ansari visited him and offered rate for his two goats,” he informed, adding that he demanded Rs180,000 for the goats but the MPA refused to pay the amount, saying it too much and insisted to buy the goats at Rs90,000 only. Niamat refused to sell the goats at this price at which the MPA allegedly got enraged and left the market, threatening him “to pay heavy price for this mistake.”

Some moments later, 20 to 25 men of the MPA allegedly came to the cattle market and attacked the vendor and his sons and severely tortured them until they fell unconscious. They also stole Rs365,000 from the vendor’s pocket and escaped the scene.

The vendor made a call to 15 at which the police reached the spot but returned without doing anything after they came to know about MPA’s involvement in the incident. Niamat also contacted MPA’s father Haji Safdar Ansari to complain about his son’s brutality, but he also reprimanded the vendor and allegedly threatened him with dire consequences.

Finding no way to get justice from the authorities, the hapless vendor appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Punjab IG Police Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera and DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi for justice, threatening to commit suicide if he is not provided justice in the case.

When contacted, MPA’s father Haji Safdar Ansari rejected all the allegations, terming it baseless. He informed that they visited Niamat every year to buy animals for sacrifice. “This year, we also visit him for the purpose but he behaved us rudely,” he claimed.

This reporter attempted to contact the MPA but he did not pick the call.