In this modern era, where we are surrounded with the gadgets and technology, the use of internet and social media is so common. Life is moving so fast that people sometimes do not find much time to spend with their families even. Everybody is busy in his/her own routine. Life has become very busy. All this is because of the excessive use of internet and technology.

In this fast moving world, the holy festivals have also being celebrated as the trend that people who are running short of the time, have alternative ways of buying the animals on Eid-ul-Azha is that instead of visiting “Bakra mandies”, which are smelly enough and take much time to choose an animal and then bargain with the owner. They either buy the animal online or even have the option to do qurbani online.  For this purpose there are a number of websites who not only offer to buy an animal but also to perform qurbani online.

One of the market place for this purpose is, where individuals keep on posting the photographs of the animals with complete details including their size, weight and much more. Another interesting site for this purpose is which is a reliable online service in the country. They sell healthy animals in accordance with the Islamic Shariah laws. Another website where a buyer can fully relay on is bakra.blogsp This website provides with the photographs of the beautiful animals along with their complete details and prices which are offered in the mandies of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Except these websites, there is another website which not only offers to buy the animal but sacrificing option also and that is Qurbani which satisfies one’s qurbani after handing over the pictures of the slaughtered animal through mail etc.

All these websites not only provides the photographs videos of the sacrificial animals like goats, bulls, cows, sheep and camel along with the details including breed and prices but also provides with the option of delivering best animal to the door steps of the customer. This process is same as of doing online shopping or buying or purchasing the products through different websites. These websites also provides the market value of the animals along with the good quality of the animal to be sacrificed and a safe delivery.

Buying the animal online or doing the qurbani online has become most effective and efficient way and has gained popularity. The reason behind this is that one didn’t go through with the pain of visiting the animal market specially, spending countless exhausted hours there then bargaining for the animal one has selected and last the trouble of loading the animal to bring it home safely.

This process saves the time, fuel, expenses and energy of one and provides the customer with the option of celebrating Eid in calm environment.