RAWALPINDI - City Traffic Police Rawalpindi have warned youngsters to avoid one-wheeling on the roads of the city otherwise legal action will be taken against them.

While issuing its traffic plan on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha for citizens planning to visit Murree, the official said the motorcycles, which are prepared for one-wheeling and without silencers, and young drivers will not be allowed to go to hill resort of Murree during holidays of Eid-ul-Azha.

According to traffic police, motorcyclists should use helmets, while due to security reasons, unregistered vehicles or vehicles without number plates or having blackened windows should not go to Murree.

Vehicles without route permits and overloaded vehicles cannot enter Murree.

All tourists can reach Murree through Murree Expressway while heavy traffic can enter Murree from 1 am to 7am in the morning.

Those coming to Murree should keep fuel tanks of their vehicles full. The vehicles should be mechanically fit and tourists should keep enough food items and drinks with them in view of congestion on roads.   

While an official of Home Department of Punjab government warned that those mechanics which make alternations in motorcycles for one-wheeling will be liable to legal action.

Citizens can inform about one-wheelers on helpline 15 or 042-1915 or they can upload video of one wheeling with clear number plate of the motorcycle on WhatsApp on 0307-8262002.

One-wheeling on city roads is a bloody game and can lead to an accidental death or land one in jail.

According to Home Department, crackdown against one-wheeling will continue across Punjab. Under motor vehicle ordinance 1965, one-wheelers can be sentenced to six months to two years in jail or face fine of Rs 10,000 or both sentences. The government will confiscate the motorcycles and parents of one-wheelers will also be held liable under 109/PPC for assisting in a crime.