LAHORE-A breathtaking new face destined for the big leagues Rabia butt is a Pakistani top model & actress. In a short span of time she has earned herself a good repute in the entertainment industry. Her unique smile & glamorous look made her a demanding female model in the Fashion Industry. She has been awarded two Lux style awards for best female model. The stunning looks she gives on ramp make the audiences spell bound. Blessed with excellent acting skills the dazzling and brilliant actor has managed to carve a niche for herself in showbiz industry. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about her career following are the excerpts of the interview;

Did you always aspire to be a model?

 I did not, it was fate, but I always knew I had to work hard and prove my worth.

How do you overcome the challenges of being a starlet?

I never see it as a challenge. I live a very normal and simple life. you can say this is how I was brought up. Fame can’t get to my head.

What are your favorite trends for this season?

 I love this kurta shalwar look. People call it men’s wear I don’t know why. Anything which is covering your assets and not revealing much can’t be called men’s wear. I feel most comfortable in this lose attire...paired with khussa’s, I am ready to go!

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

Lately I have been making exercise a part of my daily routine and when it comes to diet, I eat healthy and light. Water and fruits are a part of my daily diet.

What are the challenges you face in the Fashion Industry generally?

So far there is no challenge which I haven’t over come with the help of the Almighty. There is no profession without obstacles, no pain no gain!

How was your experience working with sajjad Ali on his song Nakhun.

Besides, being incredibly gifted is a professional as well as a thorough gentleman. I had an amazing experience working with him and his daughter who directed the video. He is a living legend and I am glad for the association.

What is your most memorable fashion show or commercial to-date?

Everything I have done in my career is memorable to me, because I have learned a great deal from each experience. I have set very high standards for my work, so I feel the best is yet to come!

What do you usually wear in daily life?

 I most certainly don’t wear my heart on the sleeve, and if you are asking about clothing, then comfort appeal is number one, I do not want the clothes to wear me.

In Fashion, there’s always some interesting new pieces displayed at fashion week. What’s been the most interesting and most memorable look you’ve walked in?

The ramp requires a face to do justice to the brand’s philosophy. It is a pretty simple theory; if the face can make something work on the ramp and make it look effortless then the buyer is automatically drawn towards that look. Experimentation is great for creativity, but keeping things practical is most important.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve encountered while working in fashion industry?

 Anyone who has passion for what they do are always interesting to me. I like people who have good work ethics and know how to execute their ideas into reality. I have worked with the best people in the industry, and they are all good at what they do, but that is also because I only work with the best!

What advice would you like give to aspiring models?

Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground. Fame can come at a high cost, whatever we so we reap, so it is important to have principles and stick by them against all odds, with one’s dignity intact at all times. Modeling is a serious business now in Pakistan with big gains, and where there is work; there should be no fun and games.

Would you like to share something about your current projects?

 I am reading scripts for films, but this time I want to give time for thought process, so I become part of a project which is challenging and at the same time, something I can relate to. As far as fashion is concerned, my eye is on good work. On the personal front, my ongoing project since the beginning is to continue to become a better version of myself.