Multan-Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana has emphasised on the masses to discourage the elements spreading chaos and creating obstacles in way of development process.

Talking to different delegations here at Circuit House, the governor added that the economic activities in the country have been stepped up by the government and the country would enter a new era of development with the completion of CPEC. He said that the country is on path to progress and prosperity as the positive impacts of development process launched by the government had started benefitting people.

He said that the government put special emphasis on health, education, water supply and law and order projects to serve the masses. He said that Pakistan would emerge as an economic power after completion of Pak-China economic corridor and the country would witness an economic revolution.

He said that the corridor would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, guaranteeing a bright future to our youth. He hoped that the business and industry would flourish and the farmers would reap benefits too. He said that only economic progress could steer the country out of prevailing darkness.

Dengue larva found at 29 spots in a month

The health teams have recovered dengue mosquito larva from 29 different spots during the last one month in Multan, The Nation has learnt.

The health sources disclosed that out of total 29 spots, as many as 27 places were indoor and two outdoor. Sources added that the larva was traced at seven spots in Sher Shah Town, five Shah Rukan-e-Alam Town, five Moosa Pak Town and four Bosan Town.

Health sources further revealed that the teams had traced dengue mosquito and larva from 1423 different spots between January 1 and September 2016. Sources added that 1238 spots were indoor while 185 outdoor.

Meanwhile, the health department declared on Monday that the staff of Dengue Eradication Unit would remain on duty during Eid ul Azha as their eid holidays were cancelled by the department. The head of the dengue eradication initiative in Multan Dr. Ata ur Rehman held a meeting with the entomologists and dengue staff and informed them about the government orders.