LAHORE - The people of Pakistan and Kashmir will celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with great religious fervour and enthusiasm on today to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

The day will dawn with special prayers in mosques for the wellbeing of the Ummah and progress, prosperity, safety and security of the country.

Eid congregations will be held at mosques, Eidgahs, and open places in all cities, towns, and villages across the country. Ulema and Khateebs would highlight significance of the festival and philosophy of sacrifice.

In the federal capital, the main Eid congregation will be held at Faisal Mosque while the City, the main Eid prayer gathering will be held at Badshahi Masjid.

After offering Eid prayers, the faithful will slaughter the sacrificial animals and the meat will be distributed among relatives and the poor.

Eid-ul-Azha was celebrated in Saudi Arabia, USA and some other countries on Monday. The biggest gathering of Eid took place in Saudi Arabia, where millions of Muslims gathered to perform Hajj.

In Pakistan, Bohra community and the Afghans refugees in Peshawar celebrated Eid-ul-Azha yesterday.

The federal and provincial governments have chalked out elaborate security arrangements across the country to ward off any untoward incident.

Meanwhile, civic authorities of different cities and towns made special arrangements for the disposal of carcasses, offal and other solid waste material during the three days of the Eid.

Till yesterday a tremendous rush of people was seen at the sale points and markets where the sacrificial animals were brought for sale. In view of the fear of Congo virus, special instructions were given through bill boards at some places while most of the sale points did not follow the measure from municipal and the town authorities.

Eid meals have been arranged in various parks and public places in the cities where the special security arrangements have also been adopted.

A large number of butchers have also reached the city from the rural areas.

The authorities have also made arrangement to check the banned outfits from collecting hides.


In his message, the Chief Minister said that Eid inculcates love and amity asking us all to set aside mutual differences. He said that there is a need for collective efforts for progress of the country as well as supremacy of justice and elimination of cruelty. He said that Punjab government has taken effective measures for minimizing the gulf between the rich and the poor. He said that on the happy occasion of Eid there is a need to pledge that no effort will be spared in the service of distressed humanity. He said that sacrifice is not limited to animals only but its real spirit is to share happiness with the distressed and less-privileged people.

The Chief Minister pra5yed that may this Eid bring happiness and prosperity for entire Ummah. He urged that special prayers should also be offered on this occasion for the survival, solidarity, progress and prosperity of the country besides complete elimination of terrorism.