Okara - A two and half years old boy was abducted, murdered and thrown in a vacant plot.

Sufyan s/o Abbas of Kot Dilawar, Depalpur, had disappeared from home. His family members searched for him far and wide but to no avail. Yesterday, Sufyan’s dead body was found lying in the vacant plot. The police arrived on receiving intimation and started investigations. It was initially found that the murder of the innocent child would have been consequence of some old enmity, or had been murdered after sodomy. However, something come to surface very soon, the police hoped.

Likewise, a three years old girl was raped by a vagabond in village 15/4L in the vicinity of Okara Cant. Zara Shafqat was playing in the street when a vagabond Waqar Hassan picked and lulled him to his house, where he committed rape with the girl. This heart-rending case was registered in the PS Cant, FIR No.200/19. The police had arrested the rapist and started investigation.

Meanwhile, the District Traffic Officer Waseem Akhtar had bucked up and felicitated his subordinate staff for having successfully performing duty on traffic diversions in the district during Ashur Day. The traffic police provided facility to the believers to reach and attend mourning majaalis on the 10th of Moharramul Harram. The procession routes were secured by barriers on diversions and the flow of traffic was set on other routes. So there happened no traffic jam on the urban passages. The citizens, traders and transport union of Okara, Depalpur and Renala Khurd had expressed satisfaction on the performance of the traffic police.