LAHORE - Though Prime Minister believes in good governance yet adhocism prevails in dozens of government functionaries including FIA where affairs are being run by the junior most officers.

The post of Director General FIA is meant for a grade 22 officer but a grade 21 officer, Ghalib Ali Bandesah, is performing duties against the said slot.

In Punjab, junior officers are heading all the circles of FIA, affecting performance of the agency, well-placed sources in ministry of interior told The Nation on Sunday. They said all the circles of FIA which were supposed to be headed by deputy directors or additional directors, were being run by assistant directors. They said FIA’s new Punjab director Dr Usman Anwar had assigned these duties to the assistant directors due to reasons best known to him. Posting of these junior officers against senior slots was adversely affecting the performance of the agency, said an officer of the agency seeking anonymity.

Director FIA Punjab posted a junior most officer at FIA Gujranwala Circle which was considered the most sensitive circle by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) regarding human smuggling. As per observation of the UNODC, 75 percent of the total human smuggling of the country originates from Gujranwala and Gujrat circles. Sources claimed that Assistant Director Khuram Saeed Rana who was posted as head of Gujranwla circle possessed only two years experience since he was inducted in FIA two years ago. Sources in FIA said corruption in Gujranwala circle was rampant which was evident from an inquiry wherein an inspector embezzled more than 10 million rupees in only two raids in the recent past. Secondly ‘Mall Khana’ of the Gujranwala circle was empty and not even a single case of property was noted in Register No-15 of the ‘Mall Khana’ as per practice of the agency. When Khuram Rana was questioned by Director FIA about the case property of his circle he said that same was in personal possession of an investigation officer (IO) and he was not sure about its size also.

An FIA officer said case property comprised cash, passports, sensitive documents, weapons and other valuables but nothing was lying in Mall Khana.

Gujranwala circle should be run by an additional director since the same office also controls the working of Gujrat circle which is supposed to be run by assistant director. UNODC is working closely with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on capacity building and technical assistance related to human trafficking and migrant smuggling as well as to assess its training capacities relevant to migration management.

UNODC with the support of Australian government had handed over IT equipment to strengthen the technical infrastructure of the FIA. The handover was completed at a ceremony at the Director of the Federal Investigation Agency's Lahore Office on 20th March. The computers, workstations, printers and cameras were provided along with other technical equipment to enhance the working capacity of FIA, but there was no output from FIA side in this regard. 

Among other junior officers who are heading the circles of FIA Punjab included Assistant Director Anti-Human Trafficking Circle (AHTC) Mubashir Tirmazi, Assistant Director Anti-Corruption Circle (ACC) Khalid Anees, Assistant Director Commercial Bank Circle (CBC) Sikandar, Assistant Director Immigration Muhammad Ahmad, Assistant Director Administration Khawaja Hammad, Assistant Director Monitoring Massood Naseem, Assistant Director Faisalabad Circle Shahid Hussain and Assistant Director Gujrat Circle Amir Nawaz. On one hand juniors are ruling and on the other hand seniors are being made OSD. They were drawing attractive salaries while sitting at their homes. Two senior officers including Additional Directors Shahid Hussain and Shamim Wayne are drawing salaries of about Rs 2 lac each, enjoying 200 liters patrol per month, car, driver and other perks. Sources said they do not even visit office.

Talking about the policy of ‘to rule by juniors’ an officer of FIA said it was easy for the boss to snub a junior officer on his own will and they tolerate whereas a senior officer cannot be snubbed like a junior officer. However, when contacted spokesman of the FIA, Khawaja Hammad said since senior officers were not available in the department so juniors had been posted against senior slots. To a question that why senior police officers were not being posted against their quota in FIA, he said senior police officers were not willing to join FIA since FIA was being run with meager resources.