Royal and bold, trendy and classy, cliché and innovative, Ali Xeeshan has passion and talent to blend in the opposites to come up with fusions which please the eyes and grace the wearers. A graduate from PIFD, Xeeshan made his place in fashion industry in a very short span of time. In an age when fashion shows are routine business and blooming designers are as much of a phenomenon as new fashion collections, competition is cut throat and only artistes sure of their crafts and proud of their aesthetics can survive. Ali Xeeshan has this all. One surely cannot overlook his Punjabi background and PIFD degree which make him come up with audacious statements employing loud colors with majestic motifs.

Having the dream to be an actor, the young designer does not let the drama slip away from his work. This is what contributes to the shock factor in his collections which grabs attention and makes the headlines. He thinks that his clothes are not mere clothes they make the statement and speak like the very soul of the wearer.

Celebrating the culture and crafts of Pakistan, Xeeshan showcased his collection “Trouble” in PFDC which commemorated the golden days of Pakistani film industry.

Sunday Plus had a conversation with the young designer to give our readers a glimpse into his design philosophy.

How did your journey as a designer start? When did you discover that this was the field for you?

Designing just came to my way. Just before launching my brand in 2010, I had decided that this was the field for me.

You have made your way to the top. What struggles did you make through to reach here?

The road to success is not an easy one but I made it through because I was true to myself.

Tell us something about your brand? What makes it stand out among other labels?

My clothes are not just clothes. They say a lot to audience about the wearer. My clothes are souls. Each and every piece is a soul.

What is your design philosophy? What parameters do you keep in mind during designing?

I am traditional by heart and my education aggravated this instinct. So design philosophy is mixture of orthodox and unorthodox.

Where are your outlets located?

My one studio is located in Lahore and I recently launched my studio in Karachi. Now I am planning to go international.

How has been response in Karachi now after the launch of new studio? Which are the next destinations? What difference do you find between clients in Lahore and Karachi?

To be honest, in Lahore, people really don’t know what they are looking for. You kind of dictate fashion to them. You have to tell them about trends and you have to help them in selecting in what will look good on them. However, the Karachi market is easy that way, they are sorted and they know what they desire.

Luxury, royalty and majesty seem like the landmark of your brand! What would you comment on that?

Pakistan’s heritage and our culture have been my inspiration and interestingly this culture and heritage is all about royalty and grace.

What’s the price range of your tag? Is it affordable to niche class only?

Quality always comes with high price tag. Effort and passion are evident in every single piece so the price range is very high.

What’s been the most defining point of your career?

Probably my debuting was the most defining point in the career. Things then rolled on smoothly.

Your collection in PFDC celebrated Golden Age of Pakistani Cinema. What was the inspiration behind your designs?

It was a result of brainstorming. I finally came up with the idea of reaching to the windows of cinema in a desire to escape from the real world.

Which has been your personal favorite collection?

Whatever I do is close to my heart. Naming one collection wouldn’t do justice to the others.

What are you most comfortable designing? How daring you are when it comes to designing?

Daring is my middle name. I am comfortable with designing them all.

We know an upbeat Ali Xeeshan who seems like a livewire? Are you discouraged or demotivated by anything?

It is very hard to discouraged me. I have very thick skin.

How do you face criticism when you are at receiving end?

Criticism doesn’t bother me as I don’t do anything to prove anything to anyone.

If you were not a designer what would you have been?

If I were not a designer I would have been an actor. I always wanted to be an actor.

It is said that designing is God-gifted quality. How much your education has helped you? Moreover, few people think that the tag PIFD makes initial journey easy. Do you agree?

I am a distinguished from PIFD. I had a degree in Couture. PIFD makes you technically sound, which makes you stand out for rest of the designer fertility.

How do you see Pakistani Fashion Industry? Has it become stagnant in recent times or do you see it flourishing?

Probably it is the only growing industry in Pakistan and definitely it has bright future.

You have represented Pakistan on all forums and you present a very opposite to what is shown in mainstream media. How has been the response internationally?

As a brand of Ali Xeeshan Theater has been getting great response globally. 60% of our production is for overseas clients. We are bringing out a brighter side of Pakistan which is glamorous and eye-catching and it is appreciated in international arena 

Fashion shows have become very popular in recent times. However, along with applause, there comes criticism too. Many think that it has resulted in monopoly of few on Pakistani Fashion Industry. What is your take on this?

If you are original and you have showmen skills only then you can make a move in fashion week. Like everywhere else, it’s like the survival of the fittest.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

We see Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio in all the fashion capitals New York, London, Paris

For which celebrity you would really like to design a dress?

Lady Gaga

Any fashion faux pas that you have done so far?

All my faux pas I have ever made luckily worked for me


Rapid Fire

Ali Xeeshan in one line?

A fire

Your day starts with?

Humble thank to God

Latest purchase?

Beige Linen Suit

Your Muse?

Any women with sustain

The things which inspires you?


The best thing that ever happened to you?

My association with PFDC

A good mood changer?

Good Food

What puts you off?


Favorite fragrance?

Tom – Ford - Tuscan leather

Favorite color?


One dream that lays unfulfilled?

I haven’t get the private jet yet

Biggest regret so far?

Luckily no regret so far

Musts for Bridal wears?

Right Attitude.

Don’ts for a bride?

Synthetic Fabrics

Musts for summer wardrobe?

Deo & Perfumes

Don’ts in summer?

Synthetic Fabrics

Reigning trends of 2014?

Less volume, less flairs and short hemlines.

Biggest competitor in the industry?

I don’t compare myself with anyone. I follow my own path.

Your favorite fashion brands?