LAHORE - Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has reiterated the nation will condemn whenever Army is found involved in any unconstitutional step.

Addressing a ceremony organised by Muslim Students Federation (MSF) here on Sunday, he said that the people of Pakistan would never forgive those acted illegal.

“Army’s professional and legal role is acceptable, but the people will condemn whenever there is any unconstitutional move,” he said.

He said the democracy was the future of Pakistan and days had gone when dictators overthrew an elected government. The Minister said that the all the institutions including Parliament, judiciary, Army and political forces agreed to work within its limits, he added.

PML-N leader agreed that there shouldn’t be any criticism against Army and judiciary. “Judiciary delivers justice while Army ensures our security,” he said, adding, that Armed Forces and judiciary are sensitive institutions.

He said that Armed Forces of Pakistan were in a war with terrorists and every Pakistani was praising its role against terrorism.

Talking to reporters, he said that those who looted the country’s resources would be brought to justice. He said the there should be no mercy for the corrupt. He supported the dialogue process between government and Taliban, praying for its logical end. He said the peaceful environment was the key for the development of the country.

To a question, he said that internal and external elements were hatching conspiracies against the country and the people of Pakistan should be united to counter these elements. He said those attacked the trains and innocent lives were the enemies of Pakistan and would be dealt with iron hand. He said the Ministry of Railways and its management was working hard to bring back the lost glory of the department.