ISLAMABAD - Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Chairman Enver Baig has written a letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for removal of secretary BISP. The chairman BISP has alleged the secretary of defying the rules and damaging the organisation.

Reliable sources privy to the situation told this scribe that the chairman BISP had written this letter after a recent controversy started between the chairman and the secretary of the organisation. Secretary BISP Rab Nawaz disobeyed the orders of chairman regarding the audit and payment of bills, sources said.

It has also been learnt that chairman BISP has mentioned in his letter that the country will face problems in terms of getting loans from International Monetary Fund as IMF has linked release of loan instalments with the performance of BISP. The chairman in his letter has stated that in the presence of present secretary BISP, the organisation might not be able to meet its targets.

Sources whereas said that the letter was written a week ago and no answer had been received yet from the Prime Minister’s Office. They further revealed that there had been some outstanding bills since Pakistan People’s Party government and the chairman had constituted a scrutiny committee for the audit of these bills and ordered that no payment should be made until and unless the audit was done.

But during the absence of chairman the bills were cleared and the payments were made without following the audit procedure ordered by the chairman, the sources said.

They said that Rab Nawaz was a grade-20 officer and according to law he could not be the secretary of BISP but he had strong lobby in finance ministry that got him appointed as secretary in the organisation. Interestingly another person Dr Mukhtar, who is grade-21 officer, is working under the secretary who is in grade-20.

But the sources revealed that the said person is working on the said position on his sweet will as has some vested interests in the organisation so he is happy to work under a person who is junior to him in grade. The payment of Rs 2.7 million was made to an NGO by violating the orders of the chairman by Dr Mukhtar’s department on the orders of secretary BISP, the sources said.

It will be worth mentioning here that Dr Mukhtar was transferred to another department 10 days ago but Secretary Rab Nawaz without consulting the chairman got his transfer orders reversed.

Secretary BISP Rab Nawaz, when contacted by The Nation, rejected all allegations levelled against him. He said that he was unaware of any such development. He said that he enjoyed good working relations with the chairman. He said that the outstanding bills were cleared in accordance with law.