LAHORE - Doctors at Shalamar Hospital on Sunday carried out a successful Cochlear Implant Surgery of a dumb child, raising hopes that he would be able to hear and speak.

Cochlear implants may help provide hearing in patients who are deaf because of damage to sensory hair cells in their cochleas. In such patients, the implants often can enable sufficient hearing for better understanding of speech. The quality of sound is different from natural hearing, with less sound information being received and processed by the brain. However, many patients are able to hear and understand speech and environmental sounds.

Team comprising Dr Naveed Aslam, Brig (r) Zubair Ahmed and Dr Afzaal Alam carried out surgery. 

Dr Afzaal Alam said that seven out of 1,000 newborns in Pakistan are victims of hearing loss. He said that CIS was an effective method to improve hearing of a deaf child. He said that the hospital provided free surgery to the dumb child.

CLEANLINESS DRIVE: Lahore General Hospital has launched a weeklong cleanliness drive on Sunday as part of measures against dengue and other vector borne diseases.

Nine supervisors will monitor cleanliness operation in various blocks round the clock besides checking vendors moving in wards and corridors.

Principal PGMI and LGH Prof Anjum Habib Vohra said that there was a need of following principle of cleanliness and hygiene as measure against epidemics.

He said that spray has already been carried out in wards and hostels of doctors and nurses.