ISLAMABAD- The administration and police have failed to stop the practice of kite-flying in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, despite so many accidents and mishaps caused due to the metallic strings used by the kite-flyers.

In Islamabad, people could be seen flying kites openly on the roofs of their houses and some buildings, especially on weekends which pose very serious dangers to the commuters, especially those who travel on motorbikes and bicycles. In Rawalpindi, the administration has also failed to implement the ban imposed on kite-flying and metallic strings, as the ban is openly being violated in the city and cantonment areas. The residents of Rawalpindi have expressed concern over kite flying and use of metallic strings, banned by the city administration saying that the violation is a question mark on the performance of the authorities concerned. The areas of the city, where kite flying is going on unchecked, include Peoples Colony, Tench Bhatta, Dhoke Seydan, Kiani Road, Dhoke Chaudharian, Adyala Road, Bakra Mandi, Masrial, Rawal Road and many other areas.