SIALKOT-The monuments of several martyrs of 1965 War in Chawinda, Gadgor, Khaanawali and surrounding areas are in a shambles as Tehsil Municipal Administration never looked after these monuments.

Most of the war memorials like Indian tanks and cannons have been left unattended and in bad condition. These memorials were displayed in Sialkot, Chawinda and Pasrur areas after the 1965 and 1971 wars.

In Chawinda, the monument of Shaheed Lt-Col Abdul Rehman (Sitara-e-Jura'at) and his companions has been inundated with the knee-deep sewerage water. The administration has miserable failed to ensure proper care and to drain out the sewerage water from there.

In village Khaanawali, the monument of Shaheed Major Ziaud Din Abbasi (Sitara-e-Jura'at) and his companions was crumbling. In village Gadgor, the monument of local Shuhada has been covered by the bushes and wreaths due to alleged negligence of the administration.

Social, religious, educational and political circles of the area have expressed grave concern over the critical situation and strongly criticised the district administration for its negligence in this regard. They urged the government to look into the matter and ensure early repairing of these monuments.