Karachi- Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon said today that a new wave of terrorism has started in Karachi adding that the new killings are not sectarian.

He said that a particular group is responsible for increasing terrorism in Karachi. “Investigation is underway and we shall tell you about the group that is involved in terror activities later” said Memon. He added that he cannot say anything about MQM’s decision of joining the Sindh government.

Answering a question regarding the PPO, the minister said that misuse of the ordinance will bring bad results.

Memon said the government should not bow down before the Taliban. They should not have released their prisoners. Taliban should reciprocate this gesture of the government. Regarding PPO, he said we have reservations over this law. It is a very strict law, if misused; no citizen in Pakistan can be safe.

Regarding gallop survey he said that these surveys are in accordance to PML-N wishes, despite the fact that in Punjab, incidents of suicide, kidnapping for ransom and gang rape are at an all time high and the CM Punjab should be given more credit for it.