Host, actor and model, Momal Sheikh is a multi talented personality. She is the girl next door, who is certainly going places. She is the daughter of legendary actor Javed Sheikh. Momal started her showbiz career from the fashion industry. Later on she entered the TV industry. She acted in some TV serials and earned a lot of fame and respect. She is appreciated not only because of her talented acting skills and beauty but also for her charismatic personality. In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus she talked about her career, professional experience and also shared some facts of her personal life.

Talking about her start in entertainment industry she said even though her father was an actor but she had not planned to be an actress. “I never aspired to be an actress. I came into this field by chance. One day a friend suggesed that I should go for audition to which I agreed. Luckily I got selected for a role. It was just a chance but it kick started my career in entertainment industry. It was my first play and I liked doing it very much. Now acting has become a passion for me. Now in every project I learn new things and try to polish my acting skills,” she said with a smile of contentment on her face.

“It is generally assumed that you joined the showbiz industry because of you father. Is it true?” was my next question. She replied negating the assumption and said many people think like that but the reality is different. “Although it is an honour for me to be the daughter of a legendary actor but he never forced me to join the entertainment industry. All of us including me and my cousins came into this field with our own free will. Now we are making our place with our own efforts and through hard work. Had we not had the acting talent we would not have got roles in different plays.

“It also doesn’t mean that I haven’t learnt anything from him. He helps me a lot and I discuss with him all the problems which I face. Besides, I also learn from my other family members who are in this field and senior than me. We are always present for each other, so it’s been great to be together,” Sheikh said.

The rising star also shared some views about her profession. “I don’t like the timings of work but the best thing is that I like doing my work and I am satisfied with it,” she said.

When inquired about her preferences while signing some new project, she said that working on a project or drama was always a team work so she considered all factors, “I always look up for a good script, writer, director, cast and production house. However, my work is very much important and I always put all my efforts to give best to my audience and fans,” she explained.

When asked about the plays and work which was close to her heart, she said that all her work was close to her heart. “There is not a single project that I think is lesser than others because all are part of my life and experience.”

Momal Sheikh has mostly played the roles of innocent and simple girl. When asked that why she had not played any different role, she said she now wanted to do something different and unique. “I want to do bubbly or negative roles but till now I have been offered only simple roles.”

Every actor has some dream role that they want to play. When inquired about Momal’s dream role she replied that she did not have any dream role at this stage of her career. “I think if I set any dream role for me it will restrict my acting abilities. It is the start of my career. Presently I want to explore different genres of acting.”

When asked about her plans for acting in some film, she said that she will definitely work conditionally she would be offered some good role.

These days Momal is concentrating more on her morning show than acting. For a few months she has taken break from her projects. “These days I am concentrating only on my morning show. It’s a great experience. I am learning the ropes of hosting a show. Becoming a host was something I wanted to do and I like it. It’s fun. I am trying hard to take my show to top level. It is a hard task but I hope to complete it,” says Momal.

When asked to comment on morning shows promoting fashion and glorifying artificial aspects of society, Momal said that she also likes to put glamour in her show. “Our society is moving in the negative direction and people are depressed. So adding some glamour and fun shows for people’s entertainment is not bad.

“I also want to add that we do our show for people and they love our show when there is fun and enjoyment. Rating tells us this thing and this is why every TV channel is doing this. What people think, what they want to see, this thing matters and we know their choice through ratings. When we do simple show, people don’t talk about it,” she maintained.

Besides work, Momal likes to spend time with her family and husband, “I give time to my family and of course my friends. I can’t live without my friends.”

Talking about how she balances her personal and professional life, she answered, “It’s going pretty fine. My husband is very much supportive and he pushed me to work. He always appreciates my work and I am very happy.”

As a professional, she takes criticism in a very light manner. “If I get any criticism regarding my work I take it in a good way. It’s a good way to learn. I always give it second thought.”

As a person Momal is very much cooperative and a loving person. She defines herself as a people’s person. She likes fun stuff and always tries to enjoy her life and give time to everyone. She loves working with all other co stars.

Repaid Fire:

Favourite gadget: I pad

Favourite item in your closet: Shoes

Favourite designer: A lot of designers

Holiday destination: Any beech place   

Favourite food: Homemade items and Chinese

One thing you can’t live without: My mother

Your style statement: Be comfortable

One thing that makes you impatient: When something is not on time

Your day starts with:  By seeing my husband