ISLAMABAD- The Supreme Court rejected an application today submitted by a petitioner against former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, pertaining to the removal of his name from the Exit Control List.

Maulvi Iqbal Haider had filed a contempt of court petition in the apex court against the Former President. The petitioner presented his stance in the application, saying that Musharraf had sent an application to the Interior Ministry for removal of his name from the ECL without seeking clearance from the Supreme Court. This, he said, was tantamount to contempt of court. Registrar Iqbal raised objections over Haider’s application, saying that he was not a party to the matter and that he had submitted a wrong address in the petition. The application was thus returned.

Earlier on March 31, 2014 Musharraf had submitted the request after the special court, which indicted him in the treason case, ruled that it was for the government to decide whether to keep his name on the ECL or not. The government had rejected his petition on April 2, 2014. “The request has been considered on the basis of record of pronouncements of the superior courts on the cited subject and pending criminal cases in various courts. The federal government is unable to accede to your request in public interest,” read a letter written by the Interior Ministry to Musharraf.