ISLAMABAD - There were queues. Long lines of motorists, moving in snail speed, these motorist were not sure if they will get CNG or not but they were bearing heat of the April sun from last many hours, just in a hope that they might get lucky.

These motorists were queued at Abbasi Filling Station, near BaraKahu. Working class, labour class, all lined up calmly, with expressionless faces, despite all disparity one thing was common amongst all, they belonged to a class, which could not afford petrol, the average Pakistani.

As the clock ticked, motorists become anxious, then there was a loud voice from inside the CNG station, "you cannot accommodate motorists who are not in line", one shouted. You are accommodating people out of line and charging 100 rupees extra, this is against the law; said Shabbir Abbsi, who later told he worked for the ministry of commerce.

After Shabbir’s shout, there was a deep silence, then all of a sudden, there was a voice, time is up, and the station staff started cordoning off gas station with a rope.

“How could it be, there are still 15 minutes to four you are bound to give us gas by that time,” someone from crowd hollered in disbelief. As a response the station staffers said that when he said the time is up, its over. “You cannot argue with us it is our station, we can do whatever we want,” the staff responded angrily.

"There are three dispensers working at this station, they stopped filling cars in queue and accommodated vehicles who paid them Rs100 extra and when I protested they stopped the sale ", he explained to fellow motorists.

Let us call OGRA, one suggested, "I am working in Commerce Ministry, I will call OGRA people, they will come and seal this station", he said.

He got the number from enquiry and started dialing the OGRA help line, but his calls remained unanswered. “Not responding, their help line should be 24/7?”, he was talking to himself.

"Brother OGRA have a vigilance department and a huge staff to check irregularities of CNG stations, but CNG stations are overcharging in connivance with OGRA”, this was Asad Shah, one of the motorists.

Ziauddin, was of the opinion that CNG station association has bribed Ministry of petroleum and OGRA to get the new schedule. According to him this was to facilitate CNG owners to overcharge.

This new schedule was implemented by Ministry of Petroleum recently. According to this schedule CNG stations will remain open from 10am to 04pm daily in Zone one and two (Punjab). Previously, gas stations remained open for 72 hours in Zone one and two.

“It is the fault of people who pay extra money, some opined. No, it is fault of OGRA who has failed to implement rules and prices, this is happening at every station of twin cities, they give you gas even after official time if you pay them extra 100-200 Rs per vehicle", waqas said.

When contacted OGRA for comments, it was learnt that OGRA has a vigilance department but was active last on the directions of Supreme Court.

"For filing a complaint, complainant should come to OGRA office with collective written complains, we raid and take action if found guilty, however we don't have any 24/7 helpline, and we don't accommodate verbal complains, OGRA spokesman explained to TheNation.