LAHORE  - The Pakistan Tanners Association is organizing a reception in honour of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Chief Executive S.M Muneer on April 15 (Tuesday) in Karachi.

Pakistan Tanners Association Central Chairman Sheikh Saqib Saeed Masood said that the dinner reception will be attended by noted businessmen and high officials, besides PTA Senior Vice Chairman Muhmmad Usman, vice chairman Fawad Jawed and all Members of the Central Executive Committee.

PTA chairman said that the reception is aimed at paying tribute to the newly appointed TDAP CE, who is seasoned business leader, assuring him full confidence of the industry and trade. He said that the PML-N government has initiated a step that will reorganize the body and streamline its working according to the aspirations of the business community.

Trade is the only way for us to move forward; without enhancing our trade relations we might not achieve our economic goals, he said adding that representatives of the business community must have a say in the trade related matters and organizations working for promotion of this subject.

Sheikh Saqib said that S.M Muneer has started to use all his energies to give a new life to TDAP to enhance the trade share with special emphasis on small and medium enterprises that remains the largest and most neglected sector of our economy.