Pakistan essentially carries a special role in the comity of Muslim Ummah on the dint of its strategic location, its state of the art defense system, its religious devotion and its effective role in international politics. Pakistan’s foreign policy is inherently non-interventionist, yet has always been unequivocal in its political, diplomatic and humanitarian support for the suppressed Muslims all over the world. Saudi Arab is a brother country with an immutable religious reverence, thus its call for help needs to be considered with sincerity. Appreciably so that is exactly what our civil and military leadership is doing at the moment.

Pakistan’s leadership and citizens sincerely desire to defend territorial sanctity of the holy land yet in the given situation, of Yemen unrest, Pakistan has to play a larger role. Pakistan’s role and actions should also justify its traditional policy of non intervention and of sincere concern for plight of Muslim Ummah. Our leadership has rightly urged the need for political solution while using the available diplomatic tools of international organization like of UN and OIC.


Lahore, March 31.