LAHORE : The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) launched an operation on Saturday against illegal fat rendering units and sealed six units in the Karol Ghatti area.  The authority also recovered around 10,332 litres of oil during the operation. PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said that PFA took action against Naeem, Waheed, Muhammad Akram, Molvi Islam, Waris, and Ittfaq rendering units, upon the tipoff of vigilance cell. He said that all units were involved in extracting oil from animals’ filth and fat as well as supplied to local shops in the provincial metropolis.  “A huge quantity of animals waste and fat collected from Lahore and its surrounding areas which used for extracting oil,” he said.  Muhammad Usman said that PFA has handed over all seized oil to biodiesel companies as per the rules of Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2018.  He added that PFA is also preparing an integrated mechanism against them and to monitor the supply of oil.