SAQWAT - People are facing acute shortage of healthcare facilities as the District Head Quarter Hospital Saidu Sharif is reeling under a myriad of problems owing to lack of doctors and shortage of medicines.

Patients of critical injuries will only find death in the emergency ward of Saidu Sharif Hospital as unfortunately there is no doctor, no medical officer, no basic health facility are available in the ward.

Hundreds of patients in critical condition visit the hospital where they succumb due to lack of basic healthcare facilities or refer to Peshawar or Islamabad for better treatment.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan during his election campaign promised to strengthen the health sector of KPK but now he totally ignored this promise

Upon a visit to the hospital emergency ward, patients complained against lack of basic healthcare facilities in the hospital. “The doctor prescribed a blood test for me but I was told that the hospital does not have syringes. Out of compulsion, I have to consult a private laboratory,” said Abbas Ahmed of Mingora city. “What is the purpose of coming to a government hospital if it does not have such basic equipment,” he questioned.

Faraz Khan, who had come for an X-ray, was disappointed after being told that there was no X-ray machine at the hospital. “I have to leave without getting a scan as I cannot afford to get one from a private laboratory,” he added.

An injured Amanullah said that is this called a hospital, where there is no doctor and medical staff, no MRI machine, no X-Ray machine, no medicine. He also criticised the PTI government, which got votes from the entire nation in the name of change but still no relief is provided to the masses.

When contacted Chief Executive Saidu Sharif Group of hospitals Dr Taj Muhammad Khan said that the provincial government failed to provide medical staff, basic equipment and medicines to the hospital and that is why patients were facing difficulties in getting healthcare facilities in the hospital.

Commissioner Malakand Afsar and Deputy Commissioner Swat Syed Imtiaz Hussain did not bother to visit the hospital to resolve the public complaints.

The local people demanded the PTI government that qualified medial staff, necessary equipment and medicines should be provided to the hospital for better treatment of patients.