A heavy rain that started at early in the morning caused miseries to the dwellers of Lahore as rainwater inundated the low-lying areas due to which as many as eight persons were killed and six others were sustained injuries on Wednesday.

The rain was continued intermittently due to which several houses caved in and eight persons were buried under the debris and six other including mother, daughter sustained severe injuries.

According to detail, the cloud wrapped whole city early in the morning and suddenly the rain started while the whole area of Mughal Pura, Dharam Pura, Domoria bridge Haji Impress road, lakshmi Chowk, Gulberg, kazafi stadium and Underpasses inundated with flash flood due to which the traffic was gridlock.

Several motorcycles, vehicles broke down on roads while several houses were also filled with rainwater due to which the dwellers were in dire difficulties.

According to rescue sources, a house located In Sangpura at Swala Chowk caved in on account of which four persons were buried under debris.

Meanwhile, a roof of a house collapsed due to intermittent rain in the area of Karak at Bannu.

The injured were removed into District Headquarters hospital (DHQ) for medial aid.