Former foreign minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the PML-N government have lacked proper strategy to revive national economy, control terrorism and lawlessness, protect national institutions from destruction and steer the country out of prevailing crisis as a result of which terrorism registered significant increase in just two month long period of the incumbent government.

Talking to journalists here at a dinner here the other night, he added that the institutions supposed to protect masses were under attack while a number of scandals of new government also surfaced in such a short time, further worsening the crisis being faced by the country. He said that despite winning heavy mandate, the PML-N failed to evolve any strategy to combat terrorism which badly dented Pakistan’s image in the world.

He declared that the PTI would make the masses realise that their tax money was being spent for their welfare through development and public welfare projects. He claimed that the PTI would introduce a corruption free system where people would themselves pay their taxes.

He said that the country could not prosper until corruption and loadshedding were eliminated. He warned that no one would be allowed to steal public’s mandate in by-elections.

He said that deployment of army was imperative for holding transparent elections. He said that the PTI would deal with iron hands with those, who tried to rig the election.

NISHTAR HOSPITAL BUDGET: The Board of Management of Nishtar Medical College and Hospital has approved an Rs2.95 billion budget for the year 2013-14. According to the budget document, over Rs2.70 billion have been allocated for non-developmental expenditures while Rs247.5 million will be spent on development projects.

The budget session was chaired by Chairman Board Kh Jalal Uddin Roomi and it was decided during the meeting that Rs585.6 million will be spent on payment of salaries to the staff while another Rs355.3 million was allocated for the purchase of medicines. Similarly, over Rs849 million will be spent on payment of different allowances, Rs6.8 million on purchase of X-Ray films and Rs2.9 million on purchase of bedsheets for the beds of patients.

The Board has also allocated Rs58.6 million for the purchase of medicines for emergency ward, Rs2 million for free dialysis, Rs358.2 million for scholarships to students and Rs671 million for ongoing expenditures. Similarly, Rs202.5 million is allocated for utility bills, Rs11 million for travelling, Rs20 million for purchase of medical and lab equipment, Rs0.5 million for furniture, Rs27.2 million for repair work and Rs456 million for miscellaneous expenditures.