To observe the Independence Day of Pakistan, a walk was held at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur and largely attended by officials, teachers, notables, students and common public belonging to all walks of life.

Including IUB Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Mukhtar and DPO Sohail Habib Tajik, the participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with patriotic slogans. They were also enthusiastically chanting slogans to show their love for the country.

Earlier, a function was held at the IUB’s Abbasia Campus in connection with the Independence Day. It was jointly arranged by IUB Directorate of Alumni and Senior Tutors Office, local NGOs, Al-Sadiq Desert Welfare Organisation and Cholistan Development Authority, Punjab Police, Desert Rangers, BCCI, Shamim Group of Industries and Wasaib Organisation.

On the occasion, the VC underlined the need to improve literacy rate in the country as without education the nation could not compete in the world nor could overcome problems however through education, Pakistan could become a strong force of the world.

He said, “Unity is the need of the hour which could make us a strong nation as solidarity always play a vital role in any nation’s success, progress and prosperity so we should concentrate on it seriously to keep national flag high and to improve national image all over the world. A university does not only mean for academic activities, it has vast role to build the society in coordination with its all the sections. The civil society of the area stands with us devotedly and enthusiastically to prove that we are one for national cause.”

He said that he was proud of the faculty members and students of the university that their support, cooperation and discipline had given a rainbow touch to the Islamia University as they come from all parts of the country but live here like a family member setting a good example of solidarity, harmony, brotherhood and peace. He said, “Our youth are full of potential and could serve the nation and country with pride and able to change the fate of the country through their talent and will.”

He urged the media to work for national solidarity and promotion of national image in a positive way in the world to counter the nefarious designs of the anti elements. The DPO in his address said that the police would always remain with the public to maintain peace and to protect them. He appreciated the efforts of the Islamia University over conducting such productive programmes to promote patriotism. Later, the students enthralled the audience with heartwarming national songs and beautiful tunes.