Discipline has always worked as a bridge between ambitions and consummations. Number of paragons can be perceived who accomplished their goals because of their utopian discipline. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also one of them. His discipline was unparalleled and even the British used to ersatz his way of living. Quaid e Azam had many striking peculiarity about his personality. One of them was his personal grooming and ace dress sense. Even the British used to admire him for his dressing and the attitude and likewise his Indian fellows. He used to purchase sans peril quality shoes and dresses. He used to cast a spell in the court room when he used to present his arguments regarding legal case. He used to appraise the legal cases in a unique taste. Quaid e Azam one said, “Think hundred times before you take decision but once you have taken the decision stand by it as one man!” He was the man of his words. He went to the meetings and dinners whose invitations he had accepted even during his last days when he was fighting against the disease. Personal integrity and unwavering commitment to the Muslim cause were also the hallmarks of his character. Not even British could bribe him. His personality was molded by discipline. He faced the narrow mindedness and the tactics of British single handedly. He was the person who strongly believed that the discipline is the staircase of success for the Indian Muslims and he used to advice the Muslim students to revolutionize them in the discipline! He once said, “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”

The Quaid wanted the students to be disciplined and united so that they could fly in face of the modern world of troubles and architect their future. He knew that the Muslim nation would have to compete against the emerging powers of the world and therefore due to his foresightedness he focused his priorities on education which was full of discipline. But unfortunately, today the students of Pakistan are being provided with quality education but no discipline. It is indeed heart rendering spectacle to see the educated persons quarrel with others over the petty issues.

 Our students show no sense of discipline towards elders and rather term themselves as superior to them. Even our teachers have diverted their focus from infusing discipline in students to just time pass lectures of ordinary conclusions. We have left our students to drown in the barren lands where they are not taught the way of living and interactions with other human beings. It was rightly said:

"Farishtoun se BehtarHai InsanBan'na,

Magar Is main LagtiHaiMehnatZiada"

We have to turn over a new leaf in the discipline of our society and ring up reforms in ourselves and teachers are the ones who are to ensure this by imbuing discipline among our students and make them visualize that they have to face this cold world out here with stern hands. Our military institutions are considered to be very effective in all crisis and wars because they are the most disciplined and grapple with any situation.

Our neighbor has a total of 570 universities along which Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is ranked in top 250 universities of the world and Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay is ranked in top 300 universities by Times Higher Education. Similarly if we go through Singapore which obtained independence from United Kingdom in 1963 has National University Of Singapore ranked in top 50. Our neighbor Iran has Sharif University of Technology ranked in top 350 universities. Unfortunately we do not see any Pakistan University ranked in top 500 universities of the world.

We will have to make the students to learn the manners of living. Even the ways of how to sit, how to read, how to eat, how to express their feelings rather each and every minutia so that once they come out of the educational institution they could venture this world and dominate.

Some of us may term this absurd but in order to ensure our better, bright and baronial future we must take these steps and our teachers have to realize their role in building of this nation and will have to eradicate the recent up rise of permissiveness among our students. And especially the young teachers must envision that their attitude affects the very nerve of a student and they must be strict in the matter of discipline.

We will once again have to muster up the spirits of Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah in ourselves and our leaders should follow his mature steps for strong and prosperous Pakistan which could only be obtained when education is given priority and serious steps are taken in this noble field.n