The Kashmir Council European Union (KC-EU) Chairman Ali Raza Saeed said that Kashmir issue had entered a decisive stage of its history and it is enjoined upon the international community especially the big powers to play due role to ensure early peaceful solution to Kashmir conflict in line with the aspirations of the people of the state.

Addressing crowded press conference at Kashmir Press Club here the other day, Syed, currently on visit to AJK, called for including the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the composite dialogue between India and Pakistan for the settlement of Kashmir issue.

Lashing out at India for repeatedly violating the ceasefire on the line of control and the working boundary facing AJK and Pakistan since past many days, he regretted that such an aggressive posture of India depicted her traditional escape from peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue through composite dialogue. He pointed out that history was witnessed to the fact that India always took the path of such aggressive designs by violating the LoC whenever the international community stressed for holding dialogue to settle the core issue of Kashmir.

The Kashmiri leader urged upon the international community including the western press to take immediate notice of the deteriorating conditions in South Asia following the increased aggressive designs of India against its neighbouring Pakistan.

Ali Raza Syed disclosed that the KC-EU had organised a campaign in connection with its widespread awareness movement on Kashmir issue titled ‘One Million Signature Campaign’ from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

“A number of people supported the human rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) by signing the documents of the campaign. Local NGOs and social activists based in Sweden supported the holding of one-day camp in Stockholm’, he said.

He continued that the EU based campaign had been first launched from Belgium and so far, a large number of people in the different European countries had signed the documents.

The Kashmir Council EU chairman said it was a successful camp and a larger number of Swedish people showed their interest in signing the papers of the campaign.

The collection of one million signatures will be presented in the shape of a document to the ‘European Parliament’s human rights committee to highlight the violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir.

He also lauded the recent resolution passed by the EU parliament, condemning the secret execution of Afzal Goru in Indian jail. The resolution has asked that India should hand over dead body of Afzal Goru to his family.