Jimmy Engineer has said that he is genuinely proud of having painted different aspects of Pakistan Movement showing, on huge canvasses

the sufferings and sacrifices of millions of Muslim men, women and children and their migration to the newly created motherland amidst hopes and expectations for starting their life afresh in the land of the pious Pakistan.

He said this in a statement issued in connection with upcoming Independence Day celebrations on August 14 on his return to Karachi after spending more than seven months with his daughter Anoushey and elderly parents in Houston, USA, and inter-acting with Pakistani and local communities members there and adjoining areas and projecting soft, moderate, progressive, forward looking and peace loving image of Pakistan and its people before them.

He said that he regarded the series of Pakistan Movement paintings also known as Partitition of India in August 1947 ,which had given him great recognition, appreciation and fame within Pakistan and the world over, as his major artistic achievement.

He maintained that his series of Pakistan Movement paintings were still very much relevant in the prevailing circumstances as these depicted, on the huge canvasses in colours, the hopes and expectations of the migrating Muslim men, women and children for a better and brighter future in their own Motherland. He said that he had created these series of paintings through sheer imagination and innovative thoughts though he himself was born seven years after Pakistan had come into I: existence in August 1954 to a Parsi family in Loralai, Balochistan.

Giving some details about creation of these huge paintings ,Jimmy said that few years after he had started working as a creative artist, he suddenly started having bad dreams about bloodshed and ~ violence continuously. He mentioned this to some religious scholars who advised him to start transforming these dreams on the canvass. Accordingly, he started painting these dreams of bloodshed and violence on huge canvasses and the result was the series of Pakistan Movement paintings. He said when he was doing another big painting, bad dreams stopped and he had left that painting incomplete there and then.

Continuing, he said over the years he has been donating the prints of his Pakistan Movement paintings to different institutions and organizations throughout the country for public display. He said that these back-lighted transparencies of the Pakistan Movement paintings were on display at Bab-e-Azadi (Wagah Border), Pakistan Movement Workers Complex, Punjab Assembly, Chief Minister’s Secretariat among several other places in Lahore, Islamabad and elsewhere in the country. Jimmy said that he was still ready for making more donations of the prints of his paintings as the younger generations in particular needed to be apprised, informed and educated about struggle, sufferings and sacrifices of their fore- fathers for the creation of Pakistan and reminded of their onerous duty and obligation to preserve, safeguard and strengthen the national unity, solidarity, security and integrity no matter how much cost they have to pay for this.

Availing the opportunity, Jimmy Engineer underlined the dire need for revival of Pakistan Movement spirit at this critical juncture for safeguarding, preserving and strengthening national security, solidar~ty and integrity of the Motherland,

The well-known artist said further that the Muslims had struggled, suffered and sacrificed a lot during the Pakistan Movement under the inspiring leadership of the Quaid-i-Azan-, for the creation of a separate homeland of their own where they could head their lives according to their religious tenets and be economically free, as well.

He said same spirit was needed to be revived in the right earnest as the country was facing host of internal and external challenges and threats.

He emphatically stated that only a united, integrated and committed nation imbued with the Pakistan Movement spirit could effectively and quite successfully foil the evil designs of the inimical forcers which were hostile towards our Motherland adding that this cherished objective can be achieved only through determination, commitment, dedication and devotion.

Concluding, Jimmy Engineer said recourse to the somehow forgotten principles of the Father of the Nation i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline would also greatly help us in facing the internal as well as external threats and challenges to the nation and the country boldly, squarely and courageously as Pakistan has come to stay and, Inshallah, will remain on the world map forever with the continued blessings and mercy of Almighty Allah.