ISLAMABAD:   President Mamnoon Hussain has said that no compromise will be made on the security and defence of the country.

Addressing the flag hoisting ceremony in connection with Independence Day celebrations at Convention Center in Islamabad today, he regretted the recent acts of aggression on the eastern borders. He made it clear that Pakistan desires peaceful coexistence with all the neighboring countries including India but any threat to its security will be thwarted.

Mamnoon Hussain pointed out that Pakistan is in the midst of a war against terrorism. The terrorists and those working on the agenda of foreign enemies are trying to sabotage the peace in the country.

The President said the government is pursuing a bold and effective foreign policy as a result of which its image has improved in the comity of nations.

He, however, said the government and the armed forces have launched a robust campaign against them, which has started showing positive results. He declared that this campaign against terrorists will continue till the elimination of the menace.

He said the entire nation stands by the government and the armed forces in this war against terrorists who are on the run now. He hoped that this problem will be overcome in a short span of time. He paid rich tributes to the sacrifices rendered by the security personnel and the people in the war against this menace.

The President said that some elements also conspired to create a wedge in the nation. The government, however, with the support of the nation foiled their attempt by pursuing the path of Constitution and democratic norms. He said the government has also taken steps to strengthen political and democratic culture.

“The culture of political maturity and acumen is also gaining strength,” he said.

Mamnoon Hussain said the challenges faced by the nation today can only be addressed by promoting modern education in the country according to the vision of our forefathers.

He said there is a need to rein in corruption and stabilize the economy. In this regard, he said the government has taken concrete measures to cope with these challenges.

He said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was of vital significance not only for the two countries but the entire region. He urged the nation not to accept any hurdle in the way of its completion.

Mamnoon Hussain said this year, the country is celebrating Independence Day when some parts have been hit by the floods. He said the time has come to take steps to mitigate floods on permanent basis. He said the government is determined to construct new dams and in this regard work is in progress on Dassu and Diamer-Bhasha Dams.

“However, there is need to build more dams to address the issue of water shortage and avert floods in future,” he said.

 He said the national leadership and the parliament should sit together to find solution to the problem.

The President along with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hoisted the national flag. The flag hoisting ceremony featured national songs and documentaries on the progress made by the country in different sectors.

Federal ministers, parliamentarians, the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, the services chiefs and diplomats of different countries attended the ceremony.