LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to sack Karachi Regional Cricket Association (KRCA) president Ejaz Farooqi and impose ad-hoc on Karachi region.

The sources told The Nation that the board has decided this due to Ejaz’s severe violations of the board constitution and playing with future of players. “Ejaz has violated article 19 of the PCB’s constitution and also violated the constitution of region, zone and district,” the sources said and added KRCA secretary Mushtaq would also lose his seat. It is pertinent to mention here that controversies have become a routine practice in the PCB regarding players’ poor performance, their personal lives and managerial issues or conflicts between officials of the board.

And the recent example of such controversies is the conflict between the PCB and KRCA president Ejaz. Being a member of governing board, he was all praise for the PCB’s decisions and used to eulogize the decisions of the management but now he has started raising baseless allegations against the board and its policies. The head of junior selection committee Basit Ali has said that Ejaz has been following the rules of PCB but now raising baseless allegations against the board.