ISLAMABAD - Saleem Baig grabbed top position on the inaugural day of the professional category of the Azadi Cup Tenpin Bowling Championship 2018 here at Leisure City Bowling Club Safa Gold Mall on Monday.

The event is being organised under the supervision of Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation (PTBF) in collaboration with Bin Alam City. After Saleem, young Afzal Akhtar was bowler, who bagged second spot, followed by former national champion M Hussain Chatha.

Top bowlers of the country including Sardar Ahmer Ababs Saldera, Ali Surya, Daniyal, Saqaib Shahzad and others lined up to showcase their skills, while three-time national champion Ijaz Khan is also in the run to add yet another feather to his already decorated cap.

In the first round, each player completed a set of 6 games, where Saleem was on top with total 1158 pins, while Afzal Akhtar was second with 1144 pins Hussain Chatha third with 1117 pins.

On the third night of the event, amateur category and professional singles matches were played, in which 60 bowlers from across the country took part. After completion of the first round, Sajid Khan was leading the pack followed by Sheraz Khan, Mehboob Ur Rehman, Rana Shahzad, Saqib Ansar, Ali Chattha, Shahrukh Raza and Abdul Ghaffar, who all qualified for the top-eight round. The amateur and master singles second round matches will be played on late Monday night.