Hi, I am an average Pakistani. I love to eat parathas, drink lassi, pass comments on people’s life, enjoy on my parent’s money and waste my life in gleeful moments but between those moments, sometimes I think about my country. Like, how can I contribute towards improving Pakistan’s economy?

My mind presented me with some points. I hereby pen down my thoughts with the intentions of creating awareness among my fellow country people:

The education system should be unified under one medium and one board. Cramming should be discouraged. Instead, key areas of concept learning, entrepreneurship, Civics and business should be focused inside the curriculum. More and more budget should be allocated to education and commerce sector.

In Pakistan, military is a very strong organisation. Military should help the civilian sector in internal affairs so that our country can progress as a whole unit.

Countrywide startup and incubation centers should be inaugurated so that talent from both rural and urban areas alike could benefit Pakistan.

Life in Pakistan is different from other countries. Government should promote international travel at discounted price so that Pakistanis may see the lifestyle of other countries and become aware. Private companies can also take the stand as a means of facilitating their employees.

Execution of implementation is very important. Sad to say but most of our people are lazy. They feel ‘if no-one is doing it, why should i do it?’ Such negative thinking should be changed into positivity. Fellow Pakistanis should help each other.

Such policies should be promoted which reduce line and billing losses. Businesses need to have reliable power supply at competitive rates. Acquisition of land for productive purposes must be made easy for businesses and development organisations.

Availability of trained workforce is the difference between any firm’s success and failure, stated the report, adding the government must cooperate with the industry for skills development.

It is a common observation that most government organisations do not work very efficiently because most people in government sector think ‘O hey…We are getting our pay and we’ll retire with a pension. Why should we work if we are earning money even without working?’

What if privatization of major government organisations could take place so that everyone puts his/her due share in work?

Urban centers are important drivers of growth, hence, to promote economic activity, they must have reliable power, gas and water supply, mass transit systems as well as high-class Wi-Fi.

Air, sea and dry ports must be brought up to global standards.

We are still a long way from reaching our Quaid’s dream. Instead of mere talk and wasting time, we need to adopt the policy of ‘In Doers We Trust’. May our country progresses by leaps and bounds.