MULTAN-Commissioner Multan division Nadem Irshad Kiyani has said that independence is a blessing and we should celebrate it with full national zeal but all of us need to realise our national obligations.

He observed this while speaking at a function organised by the Education Department in connection with Independence Day celebrations here at Multan Arts Council on Monday.

He said that only those nations emerge prosperous and successful which always play pro-active role in the development of their countries. "We speak more and act less as a result of which our productivity is very low in all spheres of life," he regretted. He stressed that no one could prevent Pakistan from making progress if each individual translates his/her words into acts. He stressed upon the students to make efforts to keep local culture and traditions alive besides promoting them with pride. "These traditions are a proof that we are an independent nation and country," he underscored.

He said that he used to get highly ambitious whenever he thought of independence celebrations. He stressed upon the younger generations to study history of Pakistan. He pointed out that the people in developed countries served others without any lust but this passion is getting missed from our society. "The day we start serving our society voluntarily, you'll see Pakistan standing among developed nations," he declared.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Mudassar Riaz Malik said that the youth needs to play an active and positive role in national development.

He added that the youth should study history of Pakistan to learn about the sacrifices rendered by the forefathers for achieving this country. "It will make them aware of the vision behind independence celebrations," he noted. He said that we should be thankful to the Allah Almighty that we breathed in a free atmosphere.

Earlier, students of different schools presented independence related skits and tableaus while students with disabilities performed on national songs.

Elections’ fairness questioned

KAMALIA-PML-N leader Sabir Rahmani has stated that the victory of Pir Ali Baba in PP-123 after vote recount proved that the general elections were not conducted transparently. He was talking to the media in his office. He stated that all the political parties were protesting against the "rigging" and PML-N would record its protest in the parliament. "Pir Ali Baba has achieved success while showing patience and courage. He remained stuck to his stance till the end. The victory of Pir Ali Baba is the success of truth," he said.

He congratulated the people of PP-23 who expressed their trust in Pir Ali Baba. Earlier, Syed Qutab Ali Shah alias Ali Baba had been announced as loser in the PP-123 election by 17 votes.