BEIJING           -     China will take firm stand at all forms, in­cluding UN Security Council against the unilateral change of the Kashmir status by the Indian government, says a report published by the China Daily.

The Chinese government will not allow stripping the disputed Kashmir region of its seven-decade autonomy and special status.

According to the report, China and Pakistan will take a unified position on the issue of Kashmir at the international level. China has voiced opposition, saying change of Kash­mir’s status is illegal. It is not a simple internal affair of In­dia. Beijing has emphasized it opposes “India’s inclusion of Chinese territory in the western sector of the China-India boundary into its administrative jurisdiction”, saying such a practice is unacceptable and will not come into force.

Pakistan has asked the United Nations and other coun­tries to intervene on the Kashmir issue. China has urged India to abide by the bilateral agreements and avoid acts that further complicate border issues.

The China-India border, except the 2017 Doklam stand­off, has by and large remained peaceful over the past de­cades, because both the sides have practised restraint and avoided provocative moves. No change made to In­dia’s domestic laws will change the related area’s nature as disputed territory in international law.

But using India’s domestic legislation to claim jurisdic­tion over a piece of Chinese territory is certainly unaccept­able to China. Even without inflicting immediate tangible damage on bilateral ties, this move will inevitably have negative consequences, which will also be very counter­productive as the two populous neighbors find increasing needs to get closer on matters of common interest.