LAHORE-Renowned Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat highlighted the Kashmir conflict in an auspicious ceremony in Oslo, where she was awarded with the Pride of Performance Award from Norway s Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Writing on Twitter, The loading wedding star, said: “Was truly honoured to be in Oslo last night to receive the Pride of Performance award from Norway s Prime Minister, The Right Honourable, Madam Erna Solberg. A real proud moment for me to be bringing Pakistan s message of peace to Norway, home of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Speaking on the ceremony, The Pakistani starlet encouraged Hollywood and Bollywood to use cinema to foster mutual knowledge by depicting Pakistan’s true image rather than vilifying the country as they do.

She added: “We in the film industry carry a tremendous responsibility. Cinema is a very powerful tool and it has the ability to change people’s minds, behaviours and attitudes.”

The star added that Bollywood must acknowledge the damage they’ve inflicted: “I’m not even asking for more posiitve representation but can it just be more balanced? There’s more to us than gun-weilding terrorists and subjugated women. Come on, that’s so cliched, let’s move on from that.”

Mehwish also made an outstanding point about how to start producing movies about Pakistan as opposed to just for Pakistan by our own film industry to demonstrate global audiences what we are all about.