KARACHI - Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman on Saturday suspended DG Cyber Wing of Information Ministry Javed Sarfaraz Malik, sources in Information Ministry revealed to TheNation here on Saturday. Sources in Information Ministry told that the Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman paid a surprise visit to Cyber Wing of the Ministry on Saturday as part of her efforts to bring institutional reforms in the ministry and was shocked to discover that the entire staff was absent from their duties well after Eid holidays were over. It is recalled here that the Cyber Wing is an important hub established in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2004 to counter propaganda from across the borders. The hub of the wing is supposed to be connected to all other departments, wings and corporations working under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The sources in Information Ministry said she inquired about the whereabouts of staff whereas she was informed that the staff was absent since morning, including the DG. She expressed her displeasure at such show of irresponsibility. All those missing without leave were issued warnings and the DG suspended. She further expressed her concern that while the top leadership and ministers are working day and night , the functionaries of the State, who are supposed to assist the leadership with the smooth running of the govt, were absent from duty at a time of critical national importance. She said the cyber wing is supposed to supplement the ongoing projection and publicity efforts of different other wings, departments and corporations of the Ministry. The purpose of the project was to protect and project Pakistan through information management electronically. Cyber wing should be running the official website of the govt, and updating Cabinet decisions, so that the public has access to govt commitments, she told the officials.