LAHORE - PPP Punjab President Rana Aftab has said that agreement over 17th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award is a milestone achievement of civilian leadership and a strong message to the anti-democratic forces that political leaders have the vision and capacity to sort out contentious issues. Addressing a news conference at partys Faisal Town Secretariat here on Sunday, the PPP leader congratulated the chief ministers of the four provinces over the historic consensus on NFC award after 13 years, terming it a fruit of democracy. Other party leaders including Sami Ullah Khan and Usman Saleem Malik also accompanied him. Rana Aftab said that it was during the first government of the PPP in 1974 under ZA Bhutto that the nation got an agreed NFC award for the first time, and now the history has been repeated during the PPP tenure. He said it was for the first time that the federal government agreed to give more share to the provinces out of national divisible pool, which, he said, not only helped achieve consensus over the award, it would also strengthen the federation. He believed that federal governments decision to surrender control over some of its resources to the provinces was a significant step towards provincial autonomy. Talking about Balochistan Package, Aftab said that the federal government would soon announce general amnesty for Baloch people booked under various charges. The withdrawal of army from Kohlo, he said, would also give a positive message to the disgruntled elements in Balochistan. On constitutional reforms, the PPP leader said that the nation would soon hear a good news about scraping of 17th amendment.