ABBOTTABAD - The criminal negligence of the non-doctor and unprofessional Chief Executive Naeem Shazad of the Ayub Medical Complex, Abbottabad, with the connivance of certain doctors on December 6, in the case of ill-treatment given to late PML-N MPA, has been let off of the hook for unknown reasons, it appears. When the late PML-N MNA Faiz Mohammad Khan was brought to one of the modern medical facilities of NWFP, Ayub Medical Complex, Abbottabadm with high fever coupled with chest and kidney ailments, he was not looked after properly simply because of the criminal negligence of the Chief Executive. However, Executive Director of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMs) Islamabad Dr Altaf was immediately suspended by Federal Minister for Health Ejaz Hussain Jakharani following Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilanis announcement on the floor of the house the constitution of the probe committee. The Chief Executive of Ayub Medical Complex, Abbottabad, Naeem Shahzad, who could be held accountable for his culpable negligence in providing adequate initial treatment to the PML-N lawmaker, has not been touched thus far and is enjoying perks and privileges with impunity. Although one of the members of the probe committee Dr Shazad Ansari visited the Ayub Medical Complex the other day and took into his custody the record of the medical test reports along with prescriptions besides having discussions with the non-doctor Chief Executive Naeem Shahzad and the doctors who gave treatment to late Faiz Mohammad Khan. According to well-placed sources, the Ayub Medical Complexs cunning Chief Executive had tried to mislead the member of the probe committee, telling him that the MNAs health conditions had stabilised and then he was transported to PIMS, Islamabad, in a life saving ambulance. But obviously he had failed to inform his guest as to why the stablised MNA was shifted to Islamabad in the first place when the Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad was fully equipped with modern medical facilities to cope with such serious patients. In fact, the clumsy and untenable explanations given to the member of the Probe Committee by the Chief Executive of the Ayub Medical Complex seemed a pack of lies and devoid of factual explanation, which must be looked into by the three-member probe committee for clarity purposes.