ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Rohtas Art Gallery will open a solo exhibition of Raku Fired Sculptural Ceramics - an exploration of cultural nuances symbolically interpreted through people and relationships by Shazieh Gorji here tomorrow (Tuesday). The show will continue till December 31, exhibiting wheel thrown and altered sculptural ceramics created in Karachi. The clay is self composed stoneware made with local materials and the works have been fired in a Raku kiln I built in 2007. Raku is a Japanese process, which evolved in the 16th century. It involves a quick and theatrical firing with temperatures reaching 1,000 C in less than two hours. Literally, Raku translates to peace, joy and contentment. I have hand mixed and measured all the glazes using local and imported materials. The sawdust used to produce the rich black smoked effect, a result of reduction processes, have been collected from various woodworkers, and I experimented with fine and coarse sawdust to obtain varied hues, the artist says about the works. My work is heavily influenced by my travels, which filter into my creative process. I believe strongly in the travelogue format and varied observations of people and their idiosyncrasies interest me, she added. Wheel-thrown and altered forms have been sculpted with self composed stoneware clay. Slips and oxides have been applied during the pre-firing stages to add layers of color and texture. A white crackle and copper based glazes have been used, which have been hand measured and mixed to perfection.