ISLAMABAD National Accountability Bureau (NAB), if required, is ready to hand over all the records regarding alleged corruption of US$150 million of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik. In fact, the case was initiated by UN Secretary General at that time, Kofi Annan. As per details, millions of dollars were embezzled through the Oil for Food Programme. People from different countries were involved including Rehman Malik from Pakistan. Kofi Annan had written to the concerned governments to provide evidence against the culprits, that included some other Pakistani politicians as well, if they had any. In response, the Pakistan government made a formal request to the Madrid Court to include it as a civil party against the alleged culprits as it was of the view that these people were also involved in money laundering of billions of rupees from Pakistan, that had links with the said issue. A senior official of the NAB said that the said case was closed under the NRO deal in Madrid, Spain, that led to the Government of Pakistan backtracking from it and from some other high profile corruption cases in some foreign countries including England and Switzerland. NAB is considering the handing over of the record because of the threat of immediate abolishment of NAB and fear of the theft of this record from NABs record rooms. That can be done during the transition phase - that means before the installation of the new accountability infrastructure. According to sources in the law ministry, the government has plans to abolish NAB through an ordinance if passing of an act threatens to take time. According to NAB sources, despite the fact that these cases were closed under the NRO deal, the government has pressurised NAB not to include the details of foreign cases, especially the Oil for Food scam, in the list of NRO-financial beneficiaries to be presented before the apex court, which is hearing NRO cases. One such case pending in Madrid involves the Interior Minister Rehman Malik with an allegation of embezzlement of US $150 million. This case was withdrawn because of NRO deal between the then PPP leadership and military dictator Pervez Musharraf. A senior NAB official told TheNation that NAB has all these documents and can present a record of all these foreign cases if the Supreme Court ordered for the provision of this record. This senior NAB official admitted that during the negotiations of NRO deal, Shehzad Akbar, senior consultant of NAB, visited Madrid for withdrawing a governments application against Rehman Malik and others on the then governments orders. The proceedings were underway when some time before the promulgation of NRO, NABs senior legal consultant Shehzad Akbar went to Madrid - not on NABs orders but in compliance with orders of Government of Pakistan and took the application back, sources in NAB said. The sources said that the same happened in the corruption cases in London including the Surrey Palace case, in which the Pakistani government first became the party and then, as a result of NRO deal, sent a NAB official to London to take the case back through a Pakistani lawyer in London. The PPP leadership is on record denying the ownership of the Palace for well over a decade and then, finally, when some other parties under a plan claimed the ownership of the Palace, a lawyer for President Asif Ali Zardari appeared before the court and admitted that the Palace belongs to his client Asif Ali Zardari. Later on Pakistani government also backtracked from its stance that the property was bought with the looted money from Pakistan because of the Musharraf-PPP NRO deal negotiations. NAB sources revealed to TheNation that eyes of some top guns are focused on the highly sensitive record of NAB, especially the record which pertains to foreign cases in Madrid, Switzerland and London, and it could only be saved if it is presented before the Supreme Court but that can only happen after the apex court passes an order for the record to be brought before it.