ISLAMABAD Though the 9/11 tragedy occurred 8 years ago, Pakistan is paying well beyond its capacity to fight a war that was started by the US following September 11 attacks. Retaliating to the attacks by launching the war on terrorism, the US along with its allies invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban who reportedly had links with Al-Qaeda, the group allegedly responsible for launching the attacks on significant buildings in the US including the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. American troops landed on Afghan soil in order to crush the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and Afghanistan and Pakistan have been badly affected since then. Pakistan stood by America - willingly or by force - and the US and its allied forces started a grand operation against the militants. In response to this operation, the miscreants started targeting Pakistan. The Taliban accused the Pakistani Government of assisting NATO forces in order to carry out bombings on seminaries apart from providing logistical support. Hence the Taliban carried out several suicide attacks in Pakistan, but the top leadership of Taliban always denied conducting such attacks. Some militants even blamed the media of implicating Mujahideen in suicide attacks in Pakistan where thousands of innocent people have been killed and wounded. Even the top leadership of Al-Qaeda has condemned suicide attacks on Muslims. Moreover, the US and its allied forces not only remained in Afghanistan but also entered Pakistan by violating Pakistani laws and carrying drone attacks inside the Pakistan, killing several innocent people and apart from some militants. Thus, it has become increasingly difficult for Pakistan to differentiate between its friends and enemies. It is high time for the Pakistani leadership to think about the elements behind such attacks that are continuously taking place in Pakistan. We have to think about the networks, which have been framed by enemies of Pakistan. It is a crystal clear fact that enemies of Pakistan who have eyes on Pakistans nuclear assets are behind suicide bombers that are killing innocent people of the country. Even some Mullahs who are being used by the enemies of Pakistan have nothing to do with Islamic ideology. They are preparing suicide bombers after taking a hefty amount of dollars. Those who think of killing innocent people cant be Muslims by any definition. Instead, they are foreign agents. What have they rendered to Islam so far? The answer is very vivid. They are killing thousands of innocent people to create a bad name and image of Islam. On the other hand, it is high time for Pakistan to announce the end of its support to Americas self-generated war on terror, which has already taken its toll on Pakistan. Data collected from different sources by this scribe revealed some shocking results about Islamabad. Since the first ever suicide blast that occurred at the Egyptian embassys main gate in 1995, only four bomb attacks occurred before the 9/11 mayhem. These include a rocket attack at the American Centre that took place on November 12, 1999, and the same day an attack took place at the PARC building. After one year, on September 19, 2000 a deadly bomb blast took place at Sabzimandi that killed 17 people and injured 77 others. Later, another bomb blast occurred on April 23, in 2001 at Pindora that left 1 killed and two injured. The data revealed that 33 people were killed and 113 got injured in the above-mentioned four attacks. After the Americans started the operation against militants following 9/11, some 16 terrorists attacks, most of them suicide blasts, have been carried out only in Islamabad by terrorists. This long series of attack started from a deadly bomb attack at the International Church situated on Embassy Road that killed four innocent people, and this menace is still continuing as recently a suicide bomber blew himself up at the main gate of the Naval Complex, leaving two Navy guards dead and injuring 9 others. The data further revealed that these 16 terrorist attacks in the Federal Capital have left 178 dead, including female students, officials of law-enforcement agencies, etc and 769 innocent people have been injured. Islamabad Police have also sacrificed a lot in this war against terrorists, as dozens of its officials have been martyred. One analyst stated that it was high time for Islamabad to hold talks with militants that are playing in the hands of foreign elements, for everlasting peace in this region and investigate the hidden hands that have kept eyes over our nuclear arsenal.