KARACHI - Floating the idea of a change in Pakistani society, Jamaat-e-Islamis top leadership at a congregation of the JIs workers unanimously blamed the United States and Indian agencies and Blackwater for terrorism, chaos and anarchy in Pakistan. The US wanted international control on the Pakistani nukes. Terrorism is being perpetrated to justify that action to be taken about nukes, said JIs Chief Munawar Hassan at one-day training congregation of the Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi at Nishtar Park. Elderly persons, women with minor children also largely attended the congregation. They lifted JIs flags and raised slogans in support of the JIs manifesto. They condemned the US, India and anti-Islam forces. JI Naib Ameer Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, JI Sindh Chief Maulana Asadullah Bhutto, Dr Merajul Huda Siddiqui and other office-bearers of JI were present on the occasion. He said that the US also wanted to impose its decision about Kashmir on Pakistan. He said the US and its allies wanted to declare Pakistan as an unsafe state. No Muslim is involved in the suicidal attacks in Pakistan. The US private contractor Blackwater (Xe), US and Indian agents are involved in these incidents, he said. Munawar Hassan also expressed dissatisfaction over lack of further action by the government against India. He urged the foreign Minister and interior minister concrete measures must be taken against India for its dirty role in Pakistan. No more must be a constant answer to reject the do more demand of United States, he urged. He said that officials of the US agencies and Blackwater were being held on daily basis and they are being released on the directives of the interior minister but they regularly denied Blackwaters presence in Pakistan. He said the interior minister should defend Pakistan instead of the US interests. He demanded the government to immediately stop the operation and opt for negotiations. He said more than 5 million people were displaced in the wake of operation. He said that India has imposed the water aggression on Pakistan and wanted to turn the country into desert, saying that the JI would stage countrywide 3-days protest on December 14, 15 and 16. Munawar Hassan said that the war against terrorism is the war against Islam, saying that Hindu, Catholic and Jewish were not declared terrorists and only Muslims were declared terrorists. JI Deputy Chief Sirajul Haq and Foreign Affairs head Abdul Ghaffar Aziz in their address lashed out at the US-led West for Islamophobia. The US-led West is scared of the true soft-power of Islam. Its influence across the world and in the West in particular, has alarmed the Imperialistic, colonial and arrogant powers, said Aziz. He said that Palestinian Hamas, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in Tunis and Turkey were heading to their goals patiently but successfully. He condemned the victimisation of the Islamists in these states. JI Karachi Chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti, Merajul Huda and Dr Shahid Hashmi also spoke. Nasarullah Shajji was the in-charge of the congregation. The JI demanded end to vulgarity and obscenity. It also called for an end to economic inequality and unemployment by concrete practical measures. APP adds: The past memories of big peaceful political gatherings in Karachi were revived here on Sunday when a large number of Karachiites thronged the historical Nishter Park to attend the annual general moot of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi. The moot began at 10:00am in morning and thousands of people were present in the park ground in morning to attend the moot. A large number of police and rangers were present there to control the law and order. Special walkthrough gates were installed and hundreds of disciplined volunteers were there to assist in security checking and guiding the moot participants. Special arrangements were taken to facilitate a large number of women and children, for whom separate space was earmarked at the venue. Stalls of books, CDs and eatables were made there. The participants offered Zuhr prayers at the venue, which was led by JI Sindh chapter Ameer Asadullah Bhutto. Lunch was also served to the thousands of participants in a very disciplined manner.