ISLAMABAD Pakistani leadership both civilian and military would discuss the Indian designs to destabilise Pakistan by using Afghan soil with the US Central Command Chief Gen David Petraeus, TheNation reliably learnt on Sunday. According to the sources, both the civilian and military leadership would take up Indian involvement in aiding terrorism in Pakistan by using Afghan soil with the US commander. Gen Petraeus who is expected to visit Pakistan today (Monday) would meet apart from military leaders, political leadership including President and Prime Minister to discuss military matters in line with new US Afgfhan strategy with regard to deployment of more than 30,000 more US troops in Afghanistan. US General who is expected to visit Pakistan would discuss primarily military matters after deployment of additional US troops in Afghanistan, a US Embassy spokesman told TheNation. The spokesman was, however, ignorant regarding whether the US military commander would also discuss the Indian involvement in destabilising Pakistan from Afghanistan. Gen Petraeus, however, is reported to drop his hints to demand 'more from Pakistan in putting pressure on the leadership of the Afghan Taliban operating inside its borders for long-term progress to be made in Afghanistan. (To make) the really significant progress in Afghanistan that will be necessary over time... it would be very helpful if additional pressure could be put (by Pakistan) on the leadership of the elements that are causing problems in Afghanistan, the head of the US Central Command said on the sidelines of the 6th Manama Dialogue security conference on Sunday.