LAHORE - Punjab Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad has said that a mega project has been launched for the up-gradation and rehabilitation of Punjab Irrigation system. He added that a sum of Rs 1.5 billion is being spent on the lining of the distributaries the in province. He stated this while inaugurating different developmental work in his constituency. Riaz said that the Punjab government was paying special attention to develop the irrigation system on modern scientific lines for the progress of agriculture sector. He said that steps were being taken for safeguarding the available irrigation water and its fair distribution to the farmers. The Senior Minister said that all the water distributaries would be cemented for provision of irrigation water to the farmers located at the tail end. He asked the farmers to keep a vigilant eye on the canal water stealers and supervise the process of canal development projects for defect free completion. Farmer cultivators would be beneficiaries of this upgraded irrigation system, he concluded.