LAHORE - Custodian of Eidgah Shrine, Rawalpindi and eminent spiritual scholar Pir Mohammad Naqibur Rehman has said that the terrorists who are attacking mosques and markets want to damage trade, frighten people as well as prevent them from offering prayers in mosques. They are becoming source of disturbance and continued nuisance and hence enemies of Islam and Pakistan. He was addressing a big congregation at Chung on the last day of his seven-day preaching tour of the City. The conference was arranged by Haji Lala Bashir and Ghulam Ghaus Naqibi. Pir Naqib said that the terrorists under the garb of Islam, were fulfilling the agenda of enemies, adding that They are defaming Islam and hurting its image. He exhorted the believers to show exemplary character to restore the soft image of Islam. He said that peace-loving citizens had been the source of satisfaction for the society. They should further enhance the cardinal values of Islam - love and tolerance, which are total allegiance to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), charity, service to humanity, obedience to parents, help to poor and needy, and respect to each others faith. The conference was also addressed by Sahibzada Hassan Haseebur Rehman, Brig (r) Mohammad Shabbir, Qari Salim Shahzad and others. Earlier, Pir Naqib had addressed big religious meetings at Sundar Adda, Raiwind, Samanabad, Shahdbagh, Shahdara Town and Begum Kot. A number of people embraced at his hands while a number of couples tied knot at his congregations in a simple Islamic way.